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A Miracle in Disguise

November 27, 2012

This morning I was watching a youtube video of Nick Vujicic, a man without arms and legs and an inspiring motivational speaker.

“I stand before you as a miracle of God that you cannot argue. You cannot argue with my smile. You cannot argue with my joy. You cannot argue with my victory. You have seen that I have real pain, and I have real victory. The last thing you would have thought this morning is you are going to be jealous of me!”

Every time I watch Nick, I am always so moved by the amazing look of peace and love on his face. This is a man who found his purpose.  He is able to introduce God to millions of people; many of them are in countries where religious gathering is not necessary welcoming. People want to hear him maybe simply because of the curiosity of a limbless man, and then they are inspired and irresistibly attracted to him seeing how well he embraces his life, his purpose, and his disability, or a miracle in disguise.

Is ADD/ ADHD a miracle in disguise? I think so. Nobody would think having no arms and legs is a miracle, until Nick makes it so. ADD/ ADHD is a paradox of often intense opposites. Many ADD/ ADHD traits are situational. They may be perceived as weaknesses, until you put them in the “right context” and make them strengths.

For example,

  • Distractibility vs. Creativity
  • Poor working memory vs. Out-of-box thinking
  • Impulsivity vs. Authenticity
  • Hyperactivity vs. Enthusiasm
  • Mental restlessness vs. Idea machines
  • Rumination vs. Realism
  • Procrastination vs. High expectations
  • Time insensitivity vs. Living in the present
  • Hypersensitivity vs. Empathy

Coaching is about finding, shifting or creating the context where ADHD shows up as a strength more often than a weakness. It does not mean we ignore the challenges of ADHD (just like we don’t ignore the fact that Nick has no arms and legs). It is not about changing the unique wiring of ADHD brains. Coaching is about designing the environment to pull you forward, to uncover the miracle in you and allow it to shine.

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